Sunday Gardening, Getting Ready

Today my daughter and I decided to plant some bulbs to get ready for our school’s gardening club. We will be planting seeds as well so they can start growing before our first official meet on April 21. I can’t believe it. On the 6th when I went to bed there was 28 members, when I got to the school and before our first unofficial meet we’re up to 45, plus at least another 5 want to join… so I’m expecting at least 50 kids in our club. We had 22-24 students last year!!! Way to go! Our school is really big on clubs.

We planted some Gladiolus bulbs, and I hope they do ok. My other co-organizer planted some bulbs and seeds already. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Where’s a look at what Team Bloggins accomplished today:

A dozen bulbs planted. So stoked.

If anyone has any ideas on what website they like for kids gardening, please let us know. We are planning on putting together a workbook so they can log what they did, how the plants are coming along, colouring sheets, word searches, puzzles, cut outs and everything gardening. We want the students to really enjoy their time in gardening and green team club. Who knew kids would be so excited about picking up garbage? I guess the challenge of seeing who could pick up the most helped with the hype.


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