Loaded Veggie Wrap

This can’t really be called a recipe, but I wanted to share it with you anyways. This baby is loaded with all the veggies. You can add more if you want or omit what you don’t like or have on hand. This is meant to nourish your body with fresh ingredients maybe with veggies straight out of your garden.
Shredded carrots, diced radish, lettuce, green onion, tomatoes, cucumber, diced celery, diced pickles, and some Vegenaise, and I like mustard on it. That’s it. Make sure to chop up enough veggies for the week. Store each veggie in it’s own mason jar. You can use all these toppings on a side salad later on in the week, or for another wrap. Or in other dishes. If you have your veggies prepped already you will be more inclined to use them up, the task isn’t so daunting when you are hangry.

And yes, I do double wrap as I find I stuff mine too full of veggies and it holds better. Sometimes, I’m just too lazy to make two- so it’s like a double stuffed wrap.

What veggies do you like in your wrap?


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