Julienne Fries

I know what I want for Christmas some sort of julienne cutter. This is easy enough to do by hand, but the gadget lover in me says there has to be another way. 

I did the peeling and cutting, Em did the washing, tossing and shaking. Keep reading, you’ll soon understand. We both enjoyed this! 

Juilene Fries 

Makes 2 servings. 

5 medium russet potatoes

1 tsp oil- omit if you’re oil free

Some salt- omit if you don’t use salt or use another seasoning you like. Like garlic powder 😀 


1. Peel the potatoes (or scrub really well if leaving the skin on). Once the potatoes are peeled, wash them. 

2. Cut the ends off, then thinly slice each side, so you end up with a flat surface on all sides. (Save the pieces for carrot potato cheese sauce, or for broth or toss them. But that’s plain potato abuse.)

3. Cut the potato in thin slices, then with each piece of potato cut into thin strips. Think length and thickness of a match stick. 

4. Toss with oil if your using and salt or other seasoning. 

5. Place in the air fryer. Cook in 180 for 20-25 mins, shaking once. Or twice if you feel like it. 

6. Enjoy!

Note* When a recipe calls for shaking. I take the amount of time, in this case 20 mins and cut it in half- set my timer for 10 mins. Shake, flip, stir, toss however you want to say it. Then set the timer for another 10 mins. Makes sense? I hope so. I’m rarely ever doing one thing at a time, (infact I’m eating fries right now) so, this is a handy tip for busy people like you and me. 

We hope you will enjoy this recipe. 


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