Improv Trail Mix 

Improv trail mix happened as I ran out of dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. I did want to make an allergy free Trail Mix like Enjoy Life fruit and seed mixes but this was still tasty! I’ll post my inspired by recipe once I have the key ingredients 🙂

Improv Trail Mix 
Makes about 2 cups. 
1 cup peanuts
1/2 sunflower seeds
3 tablespoons of Enjoy Life chocolate chips and raisins
Put ingredients into a bag and shake that money maker! Or as my daughter says shake yer booty. Sing a little song while you shake, it’s fun. 
If you don’t eat it all right away, store in a Mason jar. 
Of course you can double or triple it. It’s great to take along on road trips, to the lake, on a hike or have on the munchie table during Super Bowl! 
What easy recipes do your kids like to make? 


Breakfast Muffins

That’s what the other half of Team Bloggins asked for. Breakfast muffins? What are they? Well Em said “they are those delicious muffins we made a few weeks ago and we hand modled in the photo.” Ahhh, now I know what she was asking for. Maple Banana Bread. 

So, off to the kitchen to make some. She did most of the work, I was mostly supervising. About 1/2 hr later we had homemade muffins. We baked them for 20 minutes. 

If you haven’t made these muffins yet, you need to. It tastes good as a bread as well, but it takes longer to bake. While it’s well worth waiting for, she wanted breakfast muffins NOW!

The above photo was from a few weeks ago. 

This is what’s left of the muffins today. Yes, the recipe makes a dozen but the kids gobbled them up. So now there’s only 4 left. Errrr make that 3 as I just ate one. 

I know you want to make them too! You’re in luck. I’m going to send you over to Dreena Burton’s blog so you can make some Maple Banana Bread 🙂 

Are you Team chocolate chip banana muffin? Or what’s your fav kind? 

Julienne Fries

I know what I want for Christmas some sort of julienne cutter. This is easy enough to do by hand, but the gadget lover in me says there has to be another way. 

I did the peeling and cutting, Em did the washing, tossing and shaking. Keep reading, you’ll soon understand. We both enjoyed this! 

Juilene Fries 

Makes 2 servings. 

5 medium russet potatoes

1 tsp oil- omit if you’re oil free

Some salt- omit if you don’t use salt or use another seasoning you like. Like garlic powder 😀 


1. Peel the potatoes (or scrub really well if leaving the skin on). Once the potatoes are peeled, wash them. 

2. Cut the ends off, then thinly slice each side, so you end up with a flat surface on all sides. (Save the pieces for carrot potato cheese sauce, or for broth or toss them. But that’s plain potato abuse.)

3. Cut the potato in thin slices, then with each piece of potato cut into thin strips. Think length and thickness of a match stick. 

4. Toss with oil if your using and salt or other seasoning. 

5. Place in the air fryer. Cook in 180 for 20-25 mins, shaking once. Or twice if you feel like it. 

6. Enjoy!

Note* When a recipe calls for shaking. I take the amount of time, in this case 20 mins and cut it in half- set my timer for 10 mins. Shake, flip, stir, toss however you want to say it. Then set the timer for another 10 mins. Makes sense? I hope so. I’m rarely ever doing one thing at a time, (infact I’m eating fries right now) so, this is a handy tip for busy people like you and me. 

We hope you will enjoy this recipe. 

Unicorn Smoothie 

My daughter loves everything about unicorns. So when that coffee shop came out with their sugary unicorn diabetes in a glass, of course she wanted one. No way was I going to buy it. Instead, I decided to make an unicorn smoothie. (Yeah I know I’m months late jumping on this band wagon- but what ev’s).

We were in the grocery store and noticed the PC line of frozen fruits were on sale. We bought a bag Avacodo’s, a bag of Pineapple’s and a bag of a cherry, blueberry and blackberry mix. I had a bag of strawberries already in the freezer.

The drink was interesting. I’m not a fan of some of the fruit, but it wasn’t bad and I can cross one more drink off my #lifegoals list.

How did we do it? I’m glad you asked. Here’s how. Make the smoothies and layer it. Lol There is a trick to layering the different smoothies which I will tell you about.

Pour each smoothie into its own container.  This makes about 4-5 wine glasses or 2 large drinks.

For the strawberry smoothie:

A cup of frozen strawberries, 1 fresh banana, a 1/4-1/2 tsp agave or sweetener of your choice, Silk almond milk. Blend.

For the avocado smoothie:

1 cup frozen avocado, 1 fresh banana, Silk almond milk. Blend.

For the pineapple smoothie:

1 cup pineapple, Silk almond milk. Blend.

For the cherry, blueberry, blackberry smoothie:

1 cup frozen berry mix, 1/4-1/2 tsp agave, Silk almond milk. Blend.

Place the heavier smoothies on the bottom. If you managed to get the same consistency for all of the smoothies, then layer as you like.

NOW the important part here is- don’t just go pouring the smoothies into the glass. This won’t give you that layered look your trying to achieve. You need to spoon the smoothies into the glass. Just take the few extra minutes. Don’t be lazy.

To make it a little more fun, top with So Delicious coco whip, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Also this would make for a good smoothie bowl! Add some granola and chocolate chips. You can make this into ice cream as well, just reduce the amount of almond milk you use. Now, where can I find clear ice cream cones? That would be so much fun!

If you make this, let us know what you think!

Sidenote* Em has been wanting me to make emoji poop cookies. We’ll see how that turns out.

Loaded Veggie Wrap

This can’t really be called a recipe, but I wanted to share it with you anyways. This baby is loaded with all the veggies. You can add more if you want or omit what you don’t like or have on hand. This is meant to nourish your body with fresh ingredients maybe with veggies straight out of your garden.
Shredded carrots, diced radish, lettuce, green onion, tomatoes, cucumber, diced celery, diced pickles, and some Vegenaise, and I like mustard on it. That’s it. Make sure to chop up enough veggies for the week. Store each veggie in it’s own mason jar. You can use all these toppings on a side salad later on in the week, or for another wrap. Or in other dishes. If you have your veggies prepped already you will be more inclined to use them up, the task isn’t so daunting when you are hangry.

And yes, I do double wrap as I find I stuff mine too full of veggies and it holds better. Sometimes, I’m just too lazy to make two- so it’s like a double stuffed wrap.

What veggies do you like in your wrap?

Summertime Fun

I always loved going to the beach when I was a kid. Those times where very special and rare. We lived in the country so it was a drive to get there and Mom didn’t always want to drive with us hot and miserable kids. 

I try to take the kids to the lake as often as possible because life is too short to be spending it working all the time. 

I’m honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, our city is giving free admission to all outdoor pools 😀 Score! I love a road trips but I love free even more. 

Of course packing for the 10 min drive to the pool requires time packing for it. We need food! The kids eat like there’s no tomorrow when they go swimming. 

What do you make to take to the lake, beach or pool?

Sunday Gardening, Getting Ready

Today my daughter and I decided to plant some bulbs to get ready for our school’s gardening club. We will be planting seeds as well so they can start growing before our first official meet on April 21. I can’t believe it. On the 6th when I went to bed there was 28 members, when I got to the school and before our first unofficial meet we’re up to 45, plus at least another 5 want to join… so I’m expecting at least 50 kids in our club. We had 22-24 students last year!!! Way to go! Our school is really big on clubs.

We planted some Gladiolus bulbs, and I hope they do ok. My other co-organizer planted some bulbs and seeds already. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Where’s a look at what Team Bloggins accomplished today:

A dozen bulbs planted. So stoked.

If anyone has any ideas on what website they like for kids gardening, please let us know. We are planning on putting together a workbook so they can log what they did, how the plants are coming along, colouring sheets, word searches, puzzles, cut outs and everything gardening. We want the students to really enjoy their time in gardening and green team club. Who knew kids would be so excited about picking up garbage? I guess the challenge of seeing who could pick up the most helped with the hype.